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Added May 21, 2018:

The legality of medical and recreational cannabis is evolving across the country. Although North Carolina is firmly entrenched in the bible belt it is home to one of the most progressive towns on the east coast in Asheville. It’s not long before North Carolina and the rest of the country realize you can worship a Christian god and have cannabis in society. It’s the 21st century. How much longer will it take to shed the puritanical influence of religious extremists that were expelled from their own country and laid the basis for ours in the 17th century?

North Carolina Cannabis Laws Now

Currently the state of North Carolina does not have a wide-ranging set of laws for the use of medical marijuana and obviously recreational. It appears that instead of institutionalizing cannabis and making lots and lots of money for the state that they would rather nickel-and-dime taxpayers by enforcing outdated laws. In 2014, NC eased the restrictions on cannibidiol or CBD for use with epilepsy patients. As of now it is the only medical condition that qualifies for treatment with a cannabis derivative.

As of May, 2018 possession laws could see a change. Carrying more than 1.5 ounces is a felony. Carrying over a half ounce and less than 1.5 is a Class I misdemeanor that could carry jail time and the possibility of thousands of dollars in fines.

North Carolina is making progress. In fact, it has the nation’s largest hemp crop and can reap all of the well-known benefits of hemp including the extraction of CBD.

North Carolina Cannabis Laws Future

The state is moving toward reducing the penalties for carrying weed. State legislators have mixed feelings about cannabis, which are largely stalling any truly progressive movement toward medical or complete legalization. One crusader for common sense, North Carolina House of Representatives democrat, Kelly Alexander, plans to introduce legislation to legalize medical cannabis use in NC in 2018.